“For the eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are healthy, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eyes are unhealthy, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness!” – Jesus Christ

MOC. You probably get them every month, fortnight, possibly every hour or every other minute. They light our lives, clearing the murky waters of our minds, revealing oasis in our parched souls.

MOC is my little catchphrase for ‘Moments of Clarity’ – those moments soaked in exquisite flow and crystal.

When sweet air floods your lungs;

When blankets of darkness are lifted

And Life shows up in full colour,

For a little Light goes a very long way.

Ultimately, it’s those moments when you truly see the Truth of the matter about yourself, Life, Reality. You might call it Insight. Intuition. Living in the Light. Moment(s) of Clarity.

This is one such.

Essentially, it’s the realization that Time is not the tick-tock of the clock, the sightings and settings of sun and moon, or the boxes and pages of your calendar. Time is not a line or a square or a sequence.

However much we disown this by our actions, the simple truth is that this very moment, in which you read these words, is really one single endless Moment stretching infinitely into eternity. A forever Presence that you cannot add to or subtract from. It is all Now. It is This.

This is it. 

All references to past, present and future merely denote how we experience Presence as creatures limited in space. We know only from moment to moment. And each moment we experience is really worth a lifetime, an eternity. It’s no use complaining that life is cut short too early because we all get our fair taste of Life – the infant and octogenarian equally. I am privileged to have clocked nearly 209,245 hours and awakened to 8719 rising suns.

The sombre truth here is that Time is what make it. Life is open-textured. We are co-creators of Reality. It is not time that is passing you by, it is you that is passing by.

How then shall we live?

If not in days and months and years, how shall we measure our lives and give form to our consciousness?

What if we lived like Life is elastic; like Time moves fast or slow depending on how we experience it; like we had the capacity to choose our movements, to determine our pace, to dance myriad rhythms, and waltz through seasons with hearts anchored in Life or Death?

What if we daily dipped our toes in the deep pool of eternity and viewed every breath we receive as a window into endless Presence? What if we became conscious that every precious or vile word reverberates forever?

How would that change how we experience people? Our attachment to things? And the words that leave our mouth?

We might cease from running.

We might reclaim the power to begin again

Unshackled by the weight of regret or the promise of success;

We might discover that we have wasted our moments,

And in that very breath land on the possibility that 

This very moment (and the next, and the next) is an opportunity to start anew;

To release rivers that spill over onto boundless shores;

To create more – eternal – Moments of Life.





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