Don’t just do it


This year, Nike Inc. and conglomerates extorted $64,000,000,000 out of our pockets by, among other activities, imprinting the above slogan and world-famous ‘swoosh’ in our minds.

This is to inspire you to cruise past the obstacles and just achieve your goals; to slice through your lame excuses and just get your lazy butt to the gym! It’s slick, it’s savvy, it’s sexy. I get it, pragmatism is vital, except when a culture so comfortably entwines itself around this efficiency ethic:

“Do it at all costs”

“Get rich or die trying” 

“However the *#.^% you do it,


Great, but not at the cost of my soul! My insides are bleeding from conforming to a culture steeped in an uber-masculine energy that over-values the bottomline, the checklist, orderly priorities, laser focus, and achieving results whatever it takes. Yes, whatever it takes, even your soul. I am weary (and immoderately angry) of reaching for external goals that are supposed to make me feel successful, even when they don’t resonate with my heart.

All this is to say that I am sick of living a flavourless life!

Because I am thoroughly convinced that it is not enough to just swoosh to success, to just do it, to get the goods, the job, the money, the bod, the house, the guy, the degree, the car…et cetera.

Because I believe that what you do is not nearly as important as how you do it. (This one needs a little fleshing out. I’ll share my thoughts in another post.)

So over the next little while, I resolve to rediscover the spaciousness of life and make room for the ‘unnecessary’ and inconvenient; that which diverts you off the trodden path with no promise of reward but delight. That which does not contribute to making your life more efficient – the nuance, the wandering, the myriad possibilities, the variant hues and boundless expressions of the heart. As I walk this trail, I promise to share the crumbs I find along the way. In essence:

I commit to making space for ‘unnecessaries’.

I commit to giving myself permission to embrace new expressions.

I commit to paying attention to how I feel and what I experience while doing the thing.

I commit to flavour and flair.

I commit to nuance.

I commit to Presence.

I commit to SOUL.

Inspired? Bemused? Confused? Unmoved? Thought-provoked? Still picking your jaw of the floor? Couldn’t care less? Leave a Reply (below). Share your thoughts, experiences, tell your story, your genius idea, rant your guts out, drop a link or video, paint this rooftop red! No, seriously… leave your stamp. Unleash your inner sage! I invite you. 🙂

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